Looking for a password? Don’t use any of these 306 million

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Check PasswordsUse this searchable database of over 300 million exposed passwords to check if a password has been compromised.
The security researcher behind the popular website ‘have i been pwned?’ has created a searchable database of millions of passwords that were exposed in various data breaches. You can easily check if a password has been exposed in a previous breach with this useful tool.

The password tool is very easy to use, just plug in a password and and click the pwned? button and it will be checked against the 300+ million passwords in the database. Troy Hunter, the researcher behind the have ‘i been pwned’ site and the new password database tool, stresses that it’s not a good idea to send any password you are currently using to any third party site, including the password site. Good suggestion, as well as not using the same password for more than one account such as email, websites, etc. You won’t want to use the most common passwords to create a password, you can find a list of them in this article.

The website have i been pwned lets users check if their email address has been exposed in a breach. It also offers an added service where you can sign up to be notified when future pwnage occurs and if your email account is compromised.

Check if a password has been compromised

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