Common Repairs For Computers Include

  • Case fans
  • CPU fans
  • Power supplies
  • Faulty RAM
  • Damaged CPU’s
  • Faulty hard drives

How would I know if I need an upgrade?

It may seem obvious, but the first thing to ask yourself is if an upgrade is really in order at all. Is something broken, or is your computer just running slow? If it’s the latter, is it just general slowness, or is there a specific task you think could be faster?

On one end of the spectrum you have high end performance systems built for gaming. Gaming systems need top of the line hardware for the most demanding of video games. On the other end you have someone who surfs the internet, Facebooks, and uses normal everyday applications. This group doesn’t need the same type of computer that a gamer requires. The needs of this user are more minimal and modest. However, if your computer is older than 5 years old, a new computer should be something to consider in the very near future.

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