Laptop Setup and Repair
TCG4U can take care of your laptop and make it better than it was when you brought it in. Whether it is just a tune up, a new part, or if it just isn’t working well, we can fix it.

Hard Drive Replacement
I replace hard drives on laptops. Are you getting disk errors, or is your notebook computer not booting? Call 413-348-6820, we can fix it.

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Broken Keyboard Replacement

In 99% of laptops the keyboard is the largest input device present. It covers the top of the inside cover, and can be removed as a whole.  If food or debris get lodged between your the keys and the keyboard, this can produce non-functioning keystrokes. Liquid damage would have the same effect, but also producing a “sticky” feel if the liquid contains sugar.  Individual keys can get broken off or removed over time and need to be replaced. Some of the errors you could see if your keyboard needs to be replaced are:

  • Missing Keys
  • Stuck or Sticky keys
  • Keyboard not accepting input
  • Keyboard displaying the wrong keystroke, A=F etc.

If your keyboard starts acting funny, or you lose a key, Call us at 413-348-6820, and we will fix or replace your keyboard.  We will disassemble your laptop, clean all of the dust and debris. We will order you a new keyboard replacement, install it, and you will be back in business! It’s that simple!

Laptop Fan Replacement
Is your laptop fan noisy or no longer working? We replace fans in laptop computers.

Laptop Screen Replacement
Is your laptop LCD screen broken? We replace screens in laptop computers.

Unable to work? Your computer freezes?

We’ll help you get back to work. Fast and Qualitatively.